Men’s Undershirts Tall

Choosing the Best Tall Men’s Undershirts

Being tall as a man has its perks. For instance, the ladies notice you more than your shorter counterparts. However, height also comes with its own set of limitations, especially when one is extremely tall. If you are the tall guy who always has to have things custom made because the regulation sizes just don’t fit, here are a few tips to help you have an easy time with your tall mens undershirts shopping.

Knowing your measurements

Being tall is already a challenge; do not complicate it by not knowing your chest, height, waistline and other measurements. When shopping for the innerwear, remember that they range in sizes from the small to the 2XL. It is unlikely that the small models would fit you. Tell the shop assistant about your measurements and let them look for the brands and the designs that will work well for you.

Body type matters too

The second thing you need to think about is your body type. These fall into several categories. There are tall and slim men, tall and average bodied, tall and thickset, and tall men who weigh a few extra pounds. It is wise to let the shop assistant help you choose the type that will offer you maximum comfort. For instance, there are designs that are made for the sole purpose of lifting the excess flab, tucking it away and leaving the slightly overweight wearer looking evened out and very slim. There are also others that layer in some thickness in order to make the tall guy who is one the skinny side to look a little bit more muscled.

The shirt design

Common shirt designs include the V-neck, the tank top, and the crew neck among others. The crew neck is ideal when you are going for a formal event and need to button up and wear a tie. The V-neck is best for the more laid back look that involves unbuttoning the first few buttons off the top of your shirt. It is advisable to mix up the designs such that you will have something fitting for every occasion.

The colors

There is nothing that is more unsightly than tall mens undershirts showing through the fabric of the dress shirt. When this happens, the wearer looks untidy and unkempt. Many men go looking for white designs, not understanding that this is not the best color, especially for bright and light weight dress shirts. The best color when it comes to blending in with the outer shirt is light grey. For extreme blending, you can try the shades of the nude colored undershirts that are not becoming quite common.

These are some of the considerations to make as a tall man shopping for the undergarments. Bear in mind that fabrics that haven’t been pre-shrunk will be a nuisance because they will eventually shrink, leaving you with a useless garment.

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