Slim Fit Undershirts

Slim Fit Undershirts: What You Need to Know about Undershirt Sizes

The best undershirts are indispensable garments when it comes to men’s clothing. Besides the primary job of giving the wearer a fine form, hiding things such as body hair and absorbing sweat, this garment helps protect other clothes from damage by the sweat. It is therefore important to ensure that when you are choosing these garments, you have taken into consideration the fit and how comfortable you feel wearing them. Here are some of the things that you are supposed to know about slim fit undershirts and their sizes.

The small shirt

This is normally abbreviates as S. This is the type of shirt that will fit a person with a chest of between 34 and 36 inches. The chest measurement is of course taken by using a measuring tape and passing it around the chest, preferably on top of the breasts. Small inner shirts generally fit people that have a small frame. Note that there are some shirts that have a larger fit than others. It is important to see if the particular garment fits or not before taking it home.

The medium

This is a size larger than the smaller one. It is the ideal garment for anyone between 38-40 inches in chest width. Men whose bodies are a little thickset will wear this shirt comfortably.


This is a few sizes bigger than the small and one size larger than the medium. It is the best fit for anyone that is developing what are known as the love hurdles or a body builder who has accumulated quite some muscle tone. If your chest measurement is between 42 and 44inches, this is the ideal garment for you.

The extra large

If you are developing a bit of a pot belly and need to feel comfortable in your shirt, this the ideal shirt size for you. The extra large shirt is for people whose chest measurement ranges from 46-48 inches. Because of the nature of the bodies of the people who wear these shirts, the vests are normally designed in a manner that keeps them tucked in all day. Many of these will also have under arm reinforcements that are meant to soak up the sweat and keep you dry and comfortable all day.

The 2XL

This is the largest size available. It is designed to fit people whose chest is 50 inches or more. They are great for people with extra broad shoulders and several love hurdles to deal with. Like the extra large shirts, they are made of materials that are quite stretchy for comfort and reinforced to absorb sweat and keep you comfortable all day long.

Those are the different sizes that you will find at the shop when looking for slim fit undershirts.It is important to always choose materials that will fit well to avoid looking overdressed.

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